Teeth and Retainers

Anyone who has the pleasure of getting braces will also need to get used to wearing and cleaning a retainer when their braces come off. While braces do the work of moving your teeth to correct bite and spacing issues, the important thing is getting them to stay in place once they’ve reached the right […]

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Do You Really Need Braces?

We love to see a bright smile full of straight teeth and we love to have one, too, but we don’t all come by them the same way. Our smiles are affected by genetics, attentiveness to care,  and our injuries, growth, and special products we sometimes use, like those for whitening.

Millions of people have and […]

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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Perhaps you’ve noticed one or two teeth reacting poorly when you eat a piece of cake with sugary frosting or when you take a gulp of ice-cold water. You might be inclined to ignore the feeling, hoping it will go away on its own, but you may be suffering from some sensitivity that won’t go […]

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The Truth About Flossing

When we think about keeping our teeth clean and our mouths healthy, most of us attribute this to brushing our teeth, but we rarely remember that flossing is an important part of our oral health.

Even within the last ten years, only about 50% of Americans take time to floss. So why do people view […]

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Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way

Brushing your teeth should be an important part of your daily routine. When you clean your teeth, you are keeping your mouth and teeth healthy by preventing disease and decay that are trying to make a home there.

If you haven’t made a habit of brushing your teeth consistently, now is the time to start. And […]

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Things Your Bad Breath Could Be Telling You

Halitosis, the technical term for bad breath, is embarrassing and something nobody wants to have.  Even though there are several products like gum, mouthwash and mints to prevent, mask or diffuse bad breath, it still affects a great number of people.

What causes bad breath and why should one treat the underlying causes rather than just […]

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What Causes a Toothache?

A toothache isn’t fun. In fact, it can be debilitating. Depending on the severity and duration of the tooth pain, a dental emergency may be on your hands.

Most toothaches, however, are not emergencies and can be easily treated with pain relieving medicine and lifestyle and dietary changes.

Regardless of whether your toothache is an emergency or […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth not as pearly white as they once were? Do you have an important event coming up where you’d like to show-off a beautiful white smile instead of a dull, stained one?

Maybe you’re just tired of the aged, worn-out look of a yellow smile.

You’re considering teeth whitening, but you aren’t sure which teeth […]

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Easy Resolutions to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

A new year is almost upon us. Whether 2017 been great year for you or if it is one you want to forget, it all starts afresh next month in 2018.

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, many turn their energy and attention to reflecting the past year and making goals and resolutions to make […]

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How to Prevent Cavities QA With Your Local Idaho Falls Dentist

You’ve probably heard it from your parents. You’ve definitely heard it from us, your dentist. Cavities are bad and it’s important to prevent them from forming.

The term cavity is thrown around so often that kids as young as three have heard of it. Knowing what they are and why they are bad to your dental […]

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