Do I have a Dental Emergency? What Should I Do?

In dentistry, as in any other medical field, emergencies come up. These are issues that require immediate attention of a dentist.

How do you know you have a dental emergency and not something that could wait?

After all, you don’t want to wait for a long time and incur the unnecessary expense of an E.R. room visit […]

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One Year Memorial for Dr. T Brook Summers
It is hard to believe that a year ago Family Dental Health Center lost a beloved colleague and friend. Our own Dr. T Brook Summers and his wife were tragically killed in an airplane crash the morning of March 13, 2016.

Dr. Summers is deeply missed by both staff […]

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Reasons You Might Need to Go to the Dentist

While it may be hard to believe, going to the dentist is not everyone’s favorite activity. As an Idaho Falls dentist, we never want our patients to avoid coming in to our office. We strongly encourage our patients to do their recommended cleanings every six months. These are very important visits where do more than […]

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Quicker, Less Invasive Treatment at Our Idaho Falls Dental Office

Not many people would say the dentist office is their favorite place to visit. In fact, many are nervous of the dentist. The smells, tastes and sounds are sources of patients’ uneasiness. At Family Dental Health, a dentist in Idaho Falls, we utilize state-of-the-art dental technology to make dental procedures as quick and painless as […]

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Five Reasons Sedation Dentistry Can Relax You

Sedation is all the rage right now when it comes to dental work. No one likes dental pain and the advances in dentistry no longer require it. There are four different levels of sedation that can help you find the right level of comfort you need to totally relax in the dental chair.

Minimal sedation: […]

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How Sedation Dentistry Works

Sedation dentistry is what helps a lot of people get past their anxieties and into the dentist’s office so they can get these important treatments.

These patients know that sedation dentistry works. And for many, that’s enough. They don’t need to know how it works. They just want to come in, be put to sleep, and […]

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Which Halloween Candies are the Worst for Your Child’s Dental Hygiene?

Halloween is often what comes to mind when you think of October, but did you know that October is also National Dental Hygiene month? It seems kind of odd that the same month that spreads awareness of the importance of dental hygiene is in the same month that wreaks the most havoc on your teeth.

Though […]

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What is a Laser Periodontal Treatment?

Gum disease is a potentially serious dental health concern that can lead to bone and tooth loss if not treated. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatment options to treat gum disease. The right periodontal treatment will be determined by the extent of the decay and damage to the gums and bone. The most common […]

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How to Choose the Best Toothpaste for Your Family

Daily teeth brushing is important to your dental and oral health. Toothpaste is what makes the brushing beneficial. Most contain fluoride, and Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). With the possible health risks and allergies to these ingredients, there are alternative toothpastes that omit these ingredients. Be sure to read the label if you’re concerned about any […]

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What to Do When Your Gums Recede

If you notice your gums are receding, you’re not alone. Receding gums is a common dental problem that occurs when your gums pull away from your teeth. This recession is gradual and often goes unnoticed until major teeth problems occur.

Receding gums are not something to ignore as they pose potential risks to your oral health. […]

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