What is a Laser Periodontal Treatment?

Gum disease is a potentially serious dental health concern that can lead to bone and tooth loss if not treated. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatment options to treat gum disease. The right periodontal treatment will be determined by the extent of the decay and damage to the gums and bone. The most common […]

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How to Choose the Best Toothpaste for Your Family

Daily teeth brushing is important to your dental and oral health. Toothpaste is what makes the brushing beneficial. Most contain fluoride, and Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). With the possible health risks and allergies to these ingredients, there are alternative toothpastes that omit these ingredients. Be sure to read the label if you’re concerned about any […]

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What to Do When Your Gums Recede

If you notice your gums are receding, you’re not alone. Receding gums is a common dental problem that occurs when your gums pull away from your teeth. This recession is gradual and often goes unnoticed until major teeth problems occur.

Receding gums are not something to ignore as they pose potential risks to your oral health. […]

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Welcome to Family Dental Health Center, Dr. Pickett!

As we continue to strive to provide great dental care for our patients, we’re pleased to introduce the newest member of our dental team, Dr. Pickett. We’re excited to have him join us at Family Dental Health Center, with his extensive experience and background.

We know he can continue to deliver great dental care here, and […]

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We’ll Miss You, Trish! Good Luck With Your New Career!

After a wonderful, 30-year career with Family Dental Health Center, our Trish is taking a lateral move into the recreational sector. She will be greatly missed in the office, but her influence and character will still be felt in everything we do.

Trish worked as our office manager and did an amazing job for us. The […]

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In Memoriam of Dr. T Brook Summers, and Heidi Summers

In March of 2016 Family Dental Health Center of Idaho Falls and Grove City Dental of Blackfoot lost an important and beloved member of the family. Dr. T Brook Summers and his wife Heidi were tragically taken from us in a plane crash near Alpine, Wyoming on the morning of Sunday, March 13.

“Brook and Heidi […]

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How to Make Good Dental Hygiene Fun for Your Kids

Before an infant can even talk they learn how teeth affect the comfort of their gums. Children quickly learn through teething to enjoy new flavors and textures of food. Besides learning the joy of food, having a bright smile as a child influences the way others perceive them and helps them gain confidence.

When children are […]

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How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

Oral health doesn’t stop with just your mouth. While periodontal disease is a serious thing, poor oral health can have a connection to many bigger and badder diseases throughout your whole body. Gum disease can be a red flag to underlying health problems.

Research has shown that there is a link between oral health and overall […]

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We Can Help Make Your Dental Visit More Comfortable

Going to see a dentist is the cause of anxiety for many people. A simple cleaning, for some, can turn a routine visit into a very stressful situation. If you are among those that dread, worry, or are nervous about dental appointments, there are ways to calm your nerves to make your visit more comfortable […]

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The Life of a Tooth

Your teeth go through different stages as your body grows and changes. It’s important to recognize the changes in your teeth as you grow older so you can know exactly how to care for them in each individual stage. While it’s sometimes easy to remember that your teeth need different care at different stages, it’s […]

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