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4 Times To Remind Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Is there really a bad time to remind kids to brush their teeth? No. Is there a time when you remind your kids to brush their teeth and they don’t roll their eyes or complain? Also no, but such is the life of a parent. 

Summertime is great for kids. They have tons of free time and can relax, play, and just enjoy not being in school. Sometimes with a lazy schedule comes kids neglecting to do basic things like brushing their teeth. 

There isn’t ever a bad time to brush your teeth, unless you are preparing to down a large glass of orange juice, but here are some times to make sure your kids are brushing.


Standard procedure here. Brushing your teeth in the morning helps make sure that anything stuck in there from breakfast is removed and you start the day off right. It also helps ensure you aren’t knocking people out with bad breath all day.

Sometimes kids just get caught up in their fun summer activities right after eating, so a gentle reminder that they need to brush their teeth is sometimes needed. 

After Sugary Snacks

One of the best parts of summer is the frozen treats that come with it. They are a necessary part. They should definitely be limited, but things like ice cream, popsicles, and snow cones are summertime classics and should definitely be consumed in moderation.

The problem with such treats is that they are loaded with sugar. Sugar coats your teeth and can lead to plaque forming and eventually cavities and tooth decay. It is important to make sure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned after such treats. It isn’t plausible to do every time, but if you are at home, send your kids to brush their teeth before starting their next summer adventure. 

After Swimming

This is one some people may have never heard of. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and disinfect water in swimming pools. It can also lead to the erosion of tooth enamel and can have a negative impact on your teeth. 

A pool’s pH levels are affected by chlorine, and too much chlorine can make the pH level go under 7, which is on the acidic side. Contact over extended periods can lead to the water eroding tooth enamel and discoloring and damaging your teeth. While the exposure would have to be repeated or prolonged, it is probably good practice to brush teeth after swimming, just to be safe.


Nothing special here. Brushing your teeth at night may not be a novel concept, but it is super important. It is your chance to give your teeth a good scrubbing after everything they have been exposed to throughout the day.

This is just part of the pre-bedtime routine, and again, something kids may just need a little reminder of. 


Good dental hygiene practice over the course of your life will result in healthy teeth and gums, painless dental visits, and a winning smile. Keep those reminders up with your kids, and don’t forget yourself. These habits will lead to a lifetime of good oral health.