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Same-Day Emergencies

Most health-related emergencies don’t require immediate dental care, but believe it or not, there may come a time when you require urgent assistance from a dentist. 

Unfortunately, most dentists require you to schedule appointments far in advance, which can be inconvenient and sometimes even detrimental. You might have to wait days or weeks until your dentist is available, leaving you in unnecessary pain. Same-day emergency dental treatment allows you to receive the timely treatment you need.

What is a Same-Day Emergency Dental Treatment?

As the name suggests, a same-day emergency dental treatment allows you to quickly deal with a dental emergency without the stress and hassle of booking a distant appointment. It saves you time, which is crucial in an emergency, and ensures you don’t wait unnecessarily long to get the treatment you need.

If you experience any form of dental emergency, it’s important to know that you can rely on your local dentist to attend to you on short notice. That is particularly important in cases of severe dental pain and bleeding. Access to same-day treatment will prevent your situation from getting worse.

Scenarios Where Same-Day Dental Work May Be an Option

Several different scenarios may warrant urgent dental treatment. In each case, getting the care you need on the same day can be the difference between a prolonged or speedy recovery. 

Unless you’re in severe pain, knowing if your oral injury requires immediate care can be difficult. You might even be tempted to postpone your visit to the dentist. Unfortunately, each delay can significantly affect the function, appearance, and comfort of your mouth and teeth. Scenarios where same-day dental work may be an option include:

Ongoing Toothaches

Ongoing toothaches may not sound like an emergency to some people, but they require immediate or same-day treatment to address underlying issues and prevent severe complications down the road. Persistent toothache is almost always a sign that you have dental decay, an infection, or damage to your nerves. Waiting too long before seeking treatment can spread the infection, intensify your pain, or even cause you to lose the affected tooth.


Pain from Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses usually cause intense throbbing pain in the tooth or gum. Abscesses are sometimes accompanied by swelling and systemic issues like a fever that starts suddenly and worsens with time. Without same-day treatment or intervention, the affected area can easily become infected, spreading to surrounding bones and tissues or even entering the bloodstream as a poisonous substance.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to your gum, tongue, lips, and other soft tissue components of your mouth usually come from trauma or accidents and can lead to swelling, bleeding, and a high risk of bacterial infection. With a same-day treatment, your dentist will thoroughly examine, clean, and even suture or stitch if necessary to promote swift healing and reduce your risk of infection.

Lost Fillings or Crowns

When you lose a filling or a crown, the affected tooth is left exposed and can become vulnerable to decay and infections from bacterial infiltration. Prompt intervention from a dentist will ensure that the exposed tooth is properly sealed, keeping the area free from bacteria and infection.

Lost Teeth

Several factors can lead to losing your tooth, but the most traumatic one is through force, a situation that is usually accompanied by extreme pain. Even worse, losing a tooth can lead to alignment issues, as the surrounding teeth may shift while the bone in the jaw starts to deteriorate.

Choose Family Dental Health Center for Same-Day Emergency Treatment

The scenarios mentioned above are a few examples of cases that need same-day emergency treatment, but that list is in no way exhaustive. At Family Dental Health Center, we understand that some care can’t wait. If you find yourself or a loved one in need of emergency dental care, contact our office today. We do our best to ensure you are seen and treated as soon as possible.