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Same Day Emergencies

Some dental problems require immediate attention to relieve the pain or preserve the tooth. At Family Dental Health Center we provide same day emergency care for a wide range of problems.

Don’t wait to take care of these issues. A tooth ache is likely just going to get worse, and it may be indicative of other problems just under the surface. You don’t need to “grin and bear it.” Contact us now if you have an emergency.
We are ready to help with almost any immediate problems, including:

  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Lost teeth (through accidents or cavities)
  • Pain from dental abscesses
  • Ongoing toothaches
  • Soft tissue injuries that lead to a lot of bleeding

Our goal is to stop the pain as quickly as possible and then prevent the condition from getting worse or causing other problems. These emergencies can’t wait, so we won’t make you sit in the waiting room or set an appointment days in advance.

Contact us right now and we’ll take care of you.