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5 Easy Ways to Make Summer Activities Better for Your Kid’s Teeth

Summer is the best as a kid. No school or homework for months, later bedtimes, and days filled with fun. As an adult, it's not as special because most of us still have to work. The way summer as a kid best relates to being an adult is that no matter what your math teacher says, most of us don’t think about algebra.

There are a ton of fun activities to do during the summer. If you plan it right, every day can be something new and adventurous, even if there isn’t a huge event planned. Summer comes with a lot of opportunity for damage to your teeth. Here are some easy ways to avoid that damage.


There are so many opportunities for sweets in the summer: ice cream, lemonade, snow cones, slushies, popsicles, soda, etc. It is easy to get carried away and not care for your teeth like you should.

Sugar feeds certain types of bacteria in your mouth, meaning the more you consume the more opportunity for bacteria to grow. All of the options listed above can be bought or made sugar free. This allows the kids to still enjoy their favorite summertime treats without the damaging sugar content.

Healthy Food Options

This effort is very similar to the sugar-free option but far more expansive. There are lots of great opportunities for picnics and cookouts in the summer. If you are packing the food or hosting a party, make sure that there are healthy options.

Fruit and vegetables are great options, cheese is proven to remove bacteria from the mouth, and flavored water makes a great substitute for soda and juice. By providing healthier options you are not only sparing everyone’s teeth but also providing nutritious options for the rest of the body as well.


If your kids are into sports, then you know there is a risk of injury. There are protective parts of a uniform for every part of the body, including the mouth.

Sports mouthguards are very effective at protecting the mouth from injury. They protect the teeth from cracking and breaking, and the soft parts of the mouth from being bitten. Mouthguards are easily moldable to your child’s mouth so that the maximum amount of protection is given.

If your kids have braces, this is especially important, even if they aren't playing a high contact sport.


Some kids fall out of a good routine in the summer. It is easy to be lax on this as a parent because you are fighting them on enough issues as it is with them home all day.

Maintaining a routine allows for kids to brush their teeth in the morning and evening and keep their teeth healthy. In general, brushing your teeth twice a day is a good practice. It is especially so if your kids are exposed to more sugar than normal.

Regular brushing

It is important to brush your teeth regularly. Not just morning and night, there are some times where you should brush after completing certain activities.

If you eat a particularly sweet or sticky piece of food, it may be a good idea to brush your teeth soon after to prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria, and also to prevent the substances from hardening on your teeth.

Swimming can expose your teeth to chlorine which can strip away the protective layer of enamel on your teeth. This would typically only happen after a lot of exposure, but it is better to be safe.

Some studies suggest waiting at least an hour after swimming to brush your teeth as the chlorine can actually cause brushing of the teeth to strip away the enamel if done too soon after contact.


Summertime is the best part of the year for a kid. Make it fun for them, while also making a conscious effort to care for their developing teeth. This can be done fairly simply, without restricting fun summer activities. Happy summer!