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6 Clever Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

The lasting impression of our dental hygiene is determined by not only our own habits, but those we instill in our children. Pediatric dental health is the cornerstone of developing life-long routines to keep teeth clean, healthy, and strong. However adverse our children may be to maintaining their pearly whites, parents can help bolster their child’s experience with some of these clever tips to make brushing teeth a nightly enjoyment.

  1.     Sing A Song

Sing-a-longs can be a child’s best friend. Try singing or humming a favorite song before, during, or after brushing their teeth. This routine can become instantly gratifying as your child begins to associate song and dance with a seemingly mundane chore. You might even surprise yourself with how fun a song can transform your bathroom into an episode of Sesame Street.

  1.    Tell A Story

Intertwine your nightly story time routine into one with a short story or teaser-tale while your kids brush along. Stop half way through and finish the story in bed, your kids can’t wait to hear the end of a good story.

  1.    Make It A Game

Create a game out of your nighttime brushing. You could pretend the toothbrush is a magical wand that turns your kid into a fairy princess. Or it might be a wizard’s wand fighting away the bad germs in their mouth. Use your imagination and let the toothbrush create the magic.

  1.    Incentivize Rewards

If your child is strongly motivated by rewards, try setting up a chart to work towards a grand prize. This could be a movie night out at the theatre, a trip to their favorite ice cream shop, or a date night with mom and dad. Consider how best to motivate your child and adapt your rewards accordingly.

  1.    Let Them Choose

Some kids love to control every aspect of their life. Allow them to choose a toothbrush or toothpaste, they may look forward to brushing if it resembled a favorite hero, tv show, or animal. Make these extra special tools await them each evening with your own excitement and flair, it might help them overlook the monotonous side of dental health.

  1.    Brush Together

Relate to your child by making tooth time a joint experience. If you take the time to pull out your own toothbrush and brush with them, they may feel more important and willing to comply. Become the parent your child looks forward to spending any amount of time with — even if it is just brushing your teeth!

At all costs, avoid the frustrations that may come from your child’s apprehension to brush their teeth. Associating positive and enjoyable moments with mundane activities can be the basis for a happier and healthier development for your child — and even you. Have fun and keep brushing!